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Blue Jays are Wiffleball champs 2008
Best Wiffleball pitcher 2008
Best Wiffleball hitter 2008
Wiffleball Batting Champ 2008
Wiffleball Rookie of the Year 2008


2008 was the first full season of the Palisades WBL. The League worked out numerous growing pains in what was its longest season.  Things were different back then and aside from recognizing the Blue Jays' championship and counting games played as an official stat no other numbers from 2008 are tallied in any player's career stats.  

It is sort of weird when the Commissioner wins an award especially when he was the only one voting back then. Certainly the worst numbers of any Cy Young winner but at 39 years old he pitched in 32 games with 24 starts posting a 15-9 record in 134 innings of work. There would be no Palisades WBL today without that performance. click photo to view player stats

The only Finals series that went five games and the Blue Jays won all of them. It was a bloodbath and in a way the foundation for everything that has happened since. It was also the beginning of the only Palisades WBL dynasty.

Jason Paraskevas had more hits (178), HRs (29) and RBI (131) in 2008 then most players will have in their career. click photo to view player stats

Pete broke in mid way through the season and that may be the only reason he didn't win every award in 2008. He changed the League overnight. click photo to view player stats

John Colluzzi batted .629 in 2008. It was a sign of things to come. click photo to view player stats

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