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Man hitting a wiffleball


Located in Blauvelt, NY the Palisades WBL is an 11 team fast pitch wiffleball league. Our 22 game regular season runs (basically every other Sunday) from late April to early September. 

We keep stats, write recaps, hand out awards and even have a monthly video series titled This Month In Wiffleball that delivers wiffle highlights to a worldwide audience. In late 2015 we began broadcasting live games with the Palisades WBL Game of the Week and by the end of the 2016 season had drawn over 1400 live viewers a game.  

Being universally recognized as Wiffleball at the highest level is nice but it does pose one distinct problem and that is integrating new players into the league. In the past players would need to be drafted and our spring scrimmages didn't give teams enough of a look at rookies. So, we added another league.

Palisades Minor League Wiffle was founded in 2016. It debuted with eight teams and played a 14 game schedule from mid-May culminating with a wild one day playoff in mid-August. Aside from games being one inning shorter the rules are exactly the same and you will play on the same fields but the best part is getting called up to the bigs.  

Last year over a dozen minor leaguers got called up. Some just for the day but a few hung on through the end of the season. 

Want to join? Don't delay. Space is very limited. Teams form in February and March.  Visit our contact page for more details. 

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