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Blue Jays are Wiffleball Champs 2009
Best Wiffleball pitcher 2009
Best Wiffleball hitter 2009
Wiffleball Batting Champ 2009
Wiffleball Rookie of the Year 2009


2009 Was a year of firsts, the first draft, the first episode of This Month In Wiffleball, the first game at Tappan Park, the first night game, the first Triple Crown winner, the first 10 game winner, the first time teams wore uniforms and the first dynasty. Blue Jays (19-3) win Pennant, David Lazar first pick in the draft (Indians).

11 wins, zero losses, three shutouts in 42 innings of work. Pete Montanez was the key to the Blue Jays run in 2009.  click photo to view player stats

The 2009 Blue Jays (19-3) were the most dominant team in Palisades history. With two frontline starters and a line up that wouldn't quit the Blue Jays made short work of the Palisades. left to right Sal Maresca, Matt Holbrook, Frank Maresca, Pete Montanez. click on photo to view team stats

No team has ever scored as many runs as the 2009 Dodgers (201) and John Colluzzi's Triple Crown season had a lot to do with that. While players have since matched or bested his 15 HR season no player has ever come close to driving in 82 runs. click photo to view player stats

Frank Maresca played just one full season for the Blue Jays and it was brilliant. He had all the tools but walked away from the game in his prime. click photo to view player stats

It was Colluzzi's second straight batting title and this one helped him get the Triple Crown. click photo to view player stats

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