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Dodgers are 2015 Wiffleball Champs
Best Wiffleball pitcher 2015
Best Wiffleball hitter 2015
Wiffleball Batting Champ 2015
Wiffleball Rookie of the Year 2015


The League expands from 10 to 12 teams. Johnny Costa throws League's first and only 18 K perfect game. Rich Guillod is first player to hit 50 career HR. Bobby Daly first to 2000 career hits. The single season HR record is broken. Dodgers (17-5) win Pennant, Bobby Daly first pick in the draft (Expos).

It all came together in 2015 for Scott Fliesser. The Mariners ace allowed just six runs in 46 innings, striking out 116 while just walking 13. click photo to view player stats

The 2015 Dodgers became the first team since the 2010 Blue Jays to win the Pennant and then the Championship. After going 10-0 down the stretch thanks to dominant pitching by Johhny Costa and Jordan Robles, playoff MVP Gerard Fitzgerald took the Dodgers to the promised land with a walk off HR in the 15th inning. click on photo to view team stats

Rob "Wiffman" Piervinanzi's had the year of years for the Blue Jays. His 23 HRs shattered the old single season record of 17 HRs and his 61 RBI is tied for second best in League history. click photo to view player stats

The Dodgers Johnny Costa led the League in wins, threw a perfect game, had eight HRs at the plate and won a Championship, that's how you become Rookie of the Year.

click photo to view player stats

Wiffman hit everything in 2015 and he hit it hard. click photo to view player stats

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