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Blue Jays are 2010 Wiffleball Champs
Best Wiffleball pitcher 2010
Best Wiffleball hitter 2010
Wiffleball Batting Champ 2010
Wiffleball Rookie of the Year 2010


In 2010 the Palisades WBL expanded to six teams. We had our first Winter Meetings.  Joey DiGioia created the Wiff Hot Stove and launched our FaceBook fan page. We had an All-Star game. The Reds won 13 in a row including the first 0-0 game on total bases.  And a 27-19 win by the Tigers over the Royals was and still is the highest scoring game in League history. Reds (17-5) win Pennant, Keith Wallenstein first pick in the draft (Tigers).

It was the second straight Cy Young for the Blue Jays' Pete Montanez. While his three 2010 losses were his first three career losses  and his 1.08 ERA was the his highest single season ERA to date he did manage to strikeout 122 which was a record at the time. click photo to view player stats

The Blue Jays cemented their place in the history books with a third straight championship, this time they would sweep the Pirates. Montanez earned his second straight playoff MVP by winning all four of the Blue Jays playoff games. click on photo to view team stats

The Tigers Keith Wallenstein hit the ball hard and often in 2010. His 17 HRs would be a record that would stand for five years. Though he would play on a limited basis for two more seasons he never came close to replicating his debut season. click photo to view player stats

A fourth round pick unlike any before or since. The Reds robbed the draft in 2010 and Tony Gunz put them over the top with a blend of power at the plate and hands and quickness in the field. click photo to view player stats

The Reds Chris Goldsmith refused to strikeout and rarely swung at bad pitches in 2010. click photo to view player stats

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