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Expos are 2016 Wiffleball Champs
Best Wiffleball pitcher 2016
Best Wiffleball hitter 2016
Wiffleball Batting Champ 2016
Wiffleball Rookie of the Year 2016


2016 was a banner year for the Palisades WBL. The Palisades WBL contracted from 12 to 11 teams to make room for the the eight team minor league system. Tim Trenary picked up his 1000th career strikeout, Gerard Fitzgerald broke the single game hit (9) and RBI (12) record and Brian DiNapoli threw a perfect game against the Cardinals. Mariners 18-4 win Pennant, Johnny Costa first pick in draft (Dodgers).

Mike Weiner was brilliant in 2016. So much so that he didn't allow a hit until his fourth start of the season. He may not have finished the season with the guadiest of numbers but batters across the League agreed that Weiner stuff was as elusive as anyone in League history. click photo to view player stats

The Expos were a team everyone saw coming and after they acquired Ryan Bush there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. Though Ryan Bush (l) and Kenny Rodgers (r) shared playoff MVP honors it Anthony Didio who became the first man since Rich Guillod and Kris Dooley to win back-to-back championships. click on photo to view team stats

If not for his 2015 season Rob "Wiffman" Piervinanzi's 2016 would go down as one of the best. Case in point not only did Wiffman win his second straight MVP it was also his second straight Triple Crown. click photo to view player stats

No rookie has ever put together a year like Brian DiNapoli did in 2016. Not only did he not allow a run all season he came through time and again at the plate batting .378 with 7 HRs and 33 RBI. click photo to view player stats

Rob "Wiffman" Piervinanzi picked up 44 hits with 24 for extra bases as he slipped past Kenny Rodgers Jr. by a fraction of a point for his second straight batting title. click photo to view player stats

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Wiffleball Batting Champ 2016

Take A Wiff wins the first ever Palisades Minor League Wiffle Championship. After a 12-2 season they kept it rolling and shut out Boyz With Feelings to advance to the Finals where they out muscled Storm 8-2.  (from left to right) Tom Beninati, Nick Anezoulakis, Ryan Petrone, Chris Petrone. click photo to view player stats

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